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A jury of competent Ulamas (experts in Islamic Juriasprudence) has been appointed which has been entrusted to the task of interviewing both persons concerned and to reach at a reasonable decision according to shariah.

In his benign guidance and supervision few other important personalities like Hazrat Syed Khushnood Mian Sahib (Qazi-e-Shahr), Maulvi Riyazuddin Khan Sahib (Late), Maulvi Mohammad Yousuf Shamsi (Late), Maulvi Qari Akhtar Ali Sahib, Maulvi Mazahir Ullah Khan (Late), Maulvi Mohammad Rehan Khan Furqani, Maulvi Mohammad Nasir Khan Furqani has served in Idara-tus-Shariya. Presently Maulvi Mohammad Ayyub Furqani Sahib is performing this pious duty.

Mufti Mehboob Ali Sahib has got a special aptitude of Fatwa writing and this is why ALL INDIA FIQAH ACADEMY has chosen him as its humble special member. He is often invited to National level seminar and symposia on FIQAH and his opinion is always regarded as esteemed. Mufti Sahib is the member of All India Muslim Personal Law board.