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    In the Name of Allah Most Compassionate, Ever-Merciful

    The Life & Works of KhateebeAazam


    A Brief Life Sketch

    Hazrat Maulana Wajeeh Uddin Ahmad Khan son of Aziz Uddin Khan was born on July 13, 1899 at Rampur. He did his fazil from Madrasa Aalia (Oriental College) Rampur in 1921 and Fazil-e-Hadees from Darul uloom, Deoband in 1922.

    He served about a dozen Madrasas as a teacher/ Principal which includes Madrasah Anwarul Uloom, Rampur (1923), Madrasah Imdadiah Moradabad (1923-24), Madrasah Qayyumia, Shahjahanpur (1924), Madrasah Saiediah, Dadon Distt., Aligarh (1924-26 and 1930-33), Madrasah Islahe Qaum Rampur (1926-29), Madrasa Islamiah Gasbari Distt. Sylhet (1929), Madrasa Nomaniah Delhi (1933-34), Madrasah Jameah-Tul Maarif Rampur (1934-36), Madrasah Aaliah or Govt. Oriental College Rampur (1936-1957).

    He has formed eight books under his authorship besides about thirty important literary and scholarly essays contributed to the famous periodicals of the subcontinent; Poetry in Arabic, Persian & Urdu (1917-76), Tarjama Tirmizi (1922), Haqiqatul Mantiq (1945), Hadeesi Usool (1956), Tafsiri Usool (1976), Fuyuzat-e-Wazieria (1982), Maslake Arbabe Haq (1983), Jazbat-e-Wajih (1985), Hazrat Faiz Bakhsh Shah Dargahi RA (2011), Hazrat Hafiz Shah Jamal Ullah Sahab RA. (2011), Hazrat Shah Ahmad Ali Sahab RA. (2011), Hazrat Shah Qutub Uddin-e-Madani and Hazrat Shah Imam Uddin Khan Anwar RA. (2015). Shahadat-e-Imam-e-Husain RA. (Urdu And Hindi) (2015, 2019).
    Seerat-e-Khatam-un-Nabiyeen SAW. (2020), Diwaane Wajeeh,

    Collection of Poetry.(2018)

    Khateebe Azam views and thinking's in Muslim theology is quite balanced ones. He has his own views as regards the different schools of muslim theology which he has elaborately analyzed and presented in on book entitled "Maslak-e-Arbab-e-Haq. Over and above his scholarly pursuits he always remained busy with establishing madrasah at different places for the propagation of Islamic education. The list of such madrasas is a long one and includes places like Rampur, Moradabad, Bareilly, Budaun, Shahjahanpur, Delhi, Bombay and Assam.

    He spent his whole life, after finishing his education 1922, making concerted efforts for the propagation of Islamic education in the progeny and remained plunged in his pursuits all along. Dragging the present as well as the coming generations out from the state of darkness and passiveness was the sole motto of his life. He, therefore, took effective steps and measures through lectures and speeches to induce the generations to go all out for education. He is reckoned as one of the pioneers and renowned scholars in the field of education to general and Arabic education in particular. It has taken about 70 years of his life to get a portion of his lifelong yearnings in this field being put into effect. Having students and disciples in thousands throughout the sub continent he is acknowledged in the field as an authority and is well-known in the Islamic world. He travelled widely throughout the subcontinents and visited Saudi Arabia as well. Leaving a legacy of literary and educational system behind him, he breathed his last on 25-6-1987 and buried in the Khanqah Ahmadiah, (Madrasa Furqaniah) Rampur.


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